Upon completion, you will receive an overall score on how much Joy you have in life!

I feel confident in my ability to overcome a traumatic experience.

I never feel rushed nor feel like I don't have enough time.

I feel I have a strong spiritual connection with God.

No matter the circumstances, I never feel anxious or worried.

I am positive, coachable, and have a growth mindset.

I love my job and my work brings me joy.

I have the time and resources to do all the activities I love.

I have no stress or worries about my personal finances.

My overall health is excellent.

I am in control of all my emotions. I'm not easily angered, scared, hurt, or lonely.

I will be prepared financially when I retire.

I feel at peace no matter the circumstances.

Most days I feel a great sense of accomplishment from what I do.

I am happy with my physique when I'm in public

I do not struggle to stay focused, fall asleep, or clear my mind.

My willpower is strong and I feel I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.

I am sure about my future and know I will spend eternity in heaven.

My current income allows me to live comfortably and accomplish my goals.

I am satisfied with my life and optimistic about my future.

I am satisfied with the quality of my exercise.

I can easily forgive myself for past mistakes.

I am empowered and surrounded by uplifting people.

My current nutritional approach is producing desired results

I love who I am.

I have plenty of energy to get me through the day.

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